Zenith Defy Zero G

One of the most impressive watches to come out of Baselworld 2018, the Zenith Defy Zero G is a timepiece that really hits home just how capable Zenith are as a modern watchmaking manufacturer.

The ability to produce a watch of this calibre may seem out of reach for a brand who regularly toils away in the more simpler realms of watchmaking, but the Zenith Defy Zero G is truly a testament to the horological skills within the Zenith atelier.

This is the perfect combination of true high-end complication manufacturing and wearable contemporary style. The Zenith Defy Zero G is a package piece that will serve its wearer so well on so many levels, be it with the piece dressed up in a tuxedo, or dressed down in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Whatever fashion trend or faux pas the Zenith Defy Zero G is paired with, rest assured its ability to hold its own and remain a significant horological force.

Zenith Defy Zero G

The Zenith Defy Zero G features holistic architecture that I’ve yet to see in modern horology.

I liked the Zenith Defy Zero G to something produced while one of Zenith’s expert artisans was asleep, dreaming away about the most perfect, most sublime timepiece.

In his head, he brought together the most amazing complication (both from a mechanical and from a visceral perspective) and embedded it within a timepiece whose beauty easily surpasses anything that has come out of the manufacture in recent years.

At 44mm in diameter and a fairly thick 14.85mm in depth, the Zenith Defy Zero G is by no means a small watch in stature.

However, with that size comes the potential for a watchmaker to go above and beyond. There is no need to jumble things up and make details overlap each other.

Everything on the Zenith Defy Zero G has its own stage to stand proudly on. The fully openworked dial and skeletonised bridges are just the start to what is really a feast for the senses.

The vertically brushed case and sharp polished edges provide the wearer with a degree of textural differentiation that I liken to come out of the Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe atelier within their Royal Oak or Nautilus collections, respectively.

The enlarged crown screams presence, but Zenith has done well to ensure its integration doesn’t disturb the fine flow of the Zenith Defy Zero G at all.

The openworked dial is the masterpiece here, with Zenith’s infamous Gravity Control system taking centre stage.

No longer do you need to sit back and think about the what-ifs with respect to Zenith’s high-complication manufacturing. With the Defy Zero G, it’s all on show, and for good reason. It is absolutely sublime.

A modern horological marvel. The Zenith Defy Zero G combines the aesthetic symphony that is the Gravity Control mechanism with the silky-smooth sweep of the high-beat El Primero movement into a singular entity that looks and feels a million bucks.

The Gravity Control system of course is made to negate the effects of gravity, and it does that while looking like a solid ten-out-ten at your local club.

The El Primero 8812 S calibre beats at a super high frequency of 5Hz, is made up of 324-components (139 of those components reside in the Gravity Control system alone), and is rated for just over 2-days’ worth of power reserve when fully wound.

With respect to high-quality watchmaking, the Zenith Defy Zero G is by far one of Baselworld 2018’s highlights.

There is nothing in my mind that thinks that anything in the same calibre comes near it, nor should I. The Defy Zero G is the perfect watch, combining fantastic aesthetics with incredible mechanics.

A super high-end piece the Zenith Defy Zero G definitely is, but at the same time it still gives of a fun, almost casual air to it that I think a lot of “serious” watches seem to lack.

At the end of the day many collectors out there want to spend their money on a watch that they can wear with confidence while still producing kid-in-a-candy-store-like feelings.

The Zenith Defy Zero G is available soon and will cost $99,800 USD for the titanium version on a strap, $100,800 USD for the titanium version on a bracelet, $115,900 USD for the 18k rose gold on a strap and finally $131,000 USD for the big daddy, the 18k rose gold case on matching rose gold bracelet.

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Defy Zero G
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