Wolf Axis Triple Winder

Founded in 1834, WOLF has been a purveyor of watch accessories for almost two centuries, and with that comes a life-time of experiences, of trials and of tribulations. But, and nearing that prolific 200-year mark, WOLF have remained one of the most well-known and respected manufacturers in the industry today.

The Axis Triple Winder is one of WOLF’s most elaborately finished accessories. It features a sleek design and intricate detailing in a package that is both stunning and supremely functional. The Axis Triple Winder has custom metal plating, a micro-suede interior, a locking glass cover, a backlit LCD display and copper finished hardware.

This truly is the epitome of luxury watch accessories, and this handmade instrument is an embodiment of all that WOLF represents. From generation to generation, WOLF’s family have instilled their own unique tenets to the fore, and in the case of the Axis Triple Winder, not only is it wonderfully luxurious and well-appointed, it also features levels of functionality that were previously unheard of.

Within its 17.5 inch long, 8 inch wide and 9 inch high structure, the Axis Triple Winder has the ability to store two watches within an elevated cuff, along with four medium compartments and three winding modules. It also has enough store for a travel case within its slender frame.

The Axis Triple Winder is a lavish display of quality, of craftsmanship and of technique, and it of course represents the best that WOLF has to offer. In fact, WOLF’s Axis Triple Winder features a unique winding system which counts rotations, as opposed to utilising the time to estimate the counts per day. These are the lengths that WOLF has gone to ensure that your prized possessions are held in the highest regard.

WOLF’s Axis Triple Winder is available in two variations, one finished in copper and the other in black powder coat. Both are beautiful, but were I to pick one, I’d definitely be choosing the copper version. It looks richer, more profound and far more impressive, with its striking details and warm colour palette, it really does stand head and shoulders above its variant. Both models are available now, and both cost $1,539 usd.

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Armin Strom México