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Manufacture Royale ADN Street Art Collection.

The Manufacture Royale ADN Street Art is a fascinating watchmaking creation, imposing its style through established identity codes. The dynamic forms, three-dimensional architecture, and strength of design highlight the avant–garde spirit of the Manufacture. Its sculptural aesthetic is animated by a perfect mechanism, the MR10 (Manufacture Royale’s tenth calibre) reinterpreting the art of ‘skeleton’ movements, complete with a one-minute flying tourbillon on silicone ball bearings, in a resolutely contemporary vision. […]

Baselworld 2017: Manufacture Royale ADN

The Manufacture Royale ADN watch is a fascinating watchmaking creation, imposing its style through the Brand’s identity codes. The dynamic forms, three-dimensional architecture and strength of design highlight a singular character. Its sculptural aesthetic is animated by a perfect mechanism, reinterpreting the art of ‘skeleton’ movements in a resolutely contemporary vision. Identity codes The case […]

Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas Révolution Limited Edition

The Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas Révolution is an invitation to travel into a spectacular mechanical world regulated by two flying tourbillons running at different rotation speeds. True to the brand philosophy of offering rare, creative and authentic luxury, this watchmaking feat is now available in three highly exclusive editions of three watches, playing with contrasting […]

Manufacture Royale Introduces the Completely Skeletonized Androgyne Royale

Voltaire founded Manufacture Royale over 245 years ago in 1770.  Today, we ask ourselves, what watch would he make and wear in this postmodern century?  Surely such a cultured philosopher, writer and entrepreneur who, among many other things, taught the world to  “Dare to think for yourself,” would choose something audacious and innovative that cannot […]

Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas, A Double Tourbillon Rotating At Two Speeds.

Manufacture Royale multiplies time with a groundbreaking double flying tourbillon rotating at two speeds. Successfully combining the height of horological technology with the Voltairean philosophical tale from which it takes its name, the 1770 Micromegas has the pleasure and the ambition to inspire. A philosopher of great intelligence, Micromegas is the mythical hero of a […]

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