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Bovet Secret Beauty For Only Watch

The house of BOVET has been a leading name in watchmaking for 195 years thanks to its mastery of the decorative arts. The miniature paintings adorning the pocket watches manufactured by the BOVET brothers are omnipresent in watchmaking and art museums worldwide. Yet traditional craftsmanship does not preclude innovation, as nobly illustrated by the technicality […]

Bovet Récital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon

This is the Bovet Récital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon The 595 components for the movement of Récital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon were manufactured, decorated and assembled individually, with even the simplest of them requiring a minimum of ten hours’ work. The Récital 16 Triple Time Zone Tourbillon cage alone comprises 68 parts. Of […]

Bovet Flying Tourbillon Ottantasei

The Tourbillon Ottantasei remains faithful to the essential lines that characterize the collection laid down by the Tourbillon Ottanta in 2010. While a mere glance is enough to confirm its membership of the Bovet by Pininfarina family, the Tourbillon Ottantasei is bursting with technical innovations and stylistic changes all harmoniously planned around a detailed series […]

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