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Baselworld 2017: Manufacture Royale ADN

The Manufacture Royale ADN watch is a fascinating watchmaking creation, imposing its style through the Brand’s identity codes. The dynamic forms, three-dimensional architecture and strength of design highlight a singular character. Its sculptural aesthetic is animated by a perfect mechanism, reinterpreting the art of ‘skeleton’ movements in a resolutely contemporary vision. Identity codes The case […]

Baselworld 2017: Glashutte Original Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

Glashutte Original presents its sporty side with the Senator Chronograph Panorama Date. The new Senator Chronograph Panorama Date captures the eye with the irresistible allure of its contemporary design: the deep black dial is set off by high-contrast white print and enhanced by the generous use of radiant blue Super-LumiNova, which highlights the white gold […]

Baselworld 2017: Angelus Tourbillon Skeleton U21 & U22

From the movement to the case design, the objective from the get-go has been to showcase the splendor of the movement’s architecture and tourbillon while reducing as much weight as possible. For this purpose, the Angelus Tourbillon Skeleton feature a carbon fiber main plate, giving the impression of being a part of the case. The […]

Arnold & Son Nebula (Live Pics)

It has long been a proven fact that when we consider a person’s face “beautiful” we are actually noticing facial symmetry because the human brain finds beauty in symmetry. And it’s not just the visually balanced faces of people that we find attractive, but symmetrical faces in general, including those of timepieces. This goes a […]

Louis Moinet Sideralis, An Interstellar Inverted Double Tourbillon. (Live Pics)

The timepiece in question defies comparison, simply because to date, Sideralis does not have any equivalent anywhere in the world of watchmaking, and is protected by two patent applications. And over and above purely technical considerations, the Sideralis makes an unequivocal statement: Louis Moinet is perhaps the last fully-independent firm to be investing in new […]

HYT H1 Full Gold, A Black Edition Bathed In Light. (Live Pics)

After delving into the world of classic watchmaking (H2 Tradition), HYT is now exploring noble materials with the H1 Full Gold. Another step towards unabashed classicism? “Far from it!”, exclaims Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. “This Full Gold version is still a pure H1. Under its new mantle of light, the technical and aesthetic canons […]

Armin Strom’s Cognac Watch Contains Drops of Prized 1762 Cognac (Live Pics)

Private ownership allows Swiss watch manufacturer Armin Strom the freedom to explore novel concepts and unusual projects. To commemorate its new partnership with Wealth Solutions in Poland, Armin Strom created a highly unusual wristwatch. The movement of the mechanical timepiece features a small capsule containing a 1762 Gautier Cognac, which was owned by Wealth Solutions. […]

Baselworld 2016: MCT Sequential Two S210.

The Sequential Two S210, a subtle balance between elegance and technology, combines the brand’s unique craftsmanship with its creative passion. In the two new limited edition S210s, the singular style of the MCT-S2.0 movement is showcased by a new dial background: anthracite or champagne, whose silky appearance contrasts with the technical look of this timepiece. Once […]

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