Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon Unique Piece

RJ-Romain Jerome has mastered the art of combining contemporary subjects with traditional watchmaking know-how, creating real pieces of Haute Horology. In this spirit, the Swiss independent Maison is presenting its first complication within the Generational Icons collection, the Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon, a perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials. This one-piece limited edition truly asserts the brand’s avant-garde position.

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

The highlight of the Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon is definitely the colourful dial, standing out from the all-black 48mm case and hands. Completing the ensemble, the black alligator strap is enhanced with yellow and blue stitching as a tribute to the Pokémon logo’s symbolic colors. The composition and the placement of the characters, all were created to appreciate the beauty of the dial’s numerous Pokémon.

This concentration and accumulation of characters in different sizes yields an incredible and captivating 3D effect, such that the characters look animated and ready to pop out at any second. As the most famous of them all, Pikachu is the centrepiece and is placed at the forefront.

To complete the Pokémon scene, the Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon bridge is shaped like a lightning bolt, one of the key elements of Pikachu.

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the subjects portrayed on the dial, which already make it unique, the Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon is an exceptional timepiece thanks to its high level of craftsmanship.

The dial, made entirely by hand, required hundreds of hours to create due to the numerous colours present which needed to be created and then hand-filled one by one. The case back was equally thought through, and we can admire the oscillating weight of the self-winding tourbillon, laser-shaped like a lightning bolt, and Pikachu seen from the back.

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

If you did not catch one of the 20 Romain Jerome X Pokémon timepieces, Romain Jerome is offering you a second chance to capture the famous Pokémon with this exceptional and most exclusive tourbillon. As the ultimate piece of the collaboration: first-paid, first-served!

Tourbillon Pokémon



Oscillating weight shaped as Pikachu and lightning bolt with Pokémon pattern laser engraved.


Tourbillon bridge shaped as Pokémon’s symbolic lightning bolt.


Highly crafted dial hand-filled with enamel Pikachu as the center piece.

Retail Price: $200,000 Usd. For more info. of Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokémon on Romain Jerome, Click Here.

Romain Jerome Tourbillon Pokemon

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Romain Jerome
Tourbillon Pokémon
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