Rolex Sky-Dweller, A Classic Watch With Practical Functions For World Travelers. (Live Pics)

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is in my opinion the most beautiful piece in the Rolex collection, with it´s Annual Calendar named Saros, (named after the astronomical phenomenon of the same name), this calendar requires only one adjustment per year. (When the month changes from February to March.)

Like all watches in the Oyster collection, each Sky-Dweller is certified as a Superlative Chronometer. This exclusive designation attests that it has successfully undergone a series of tests conducted by Rolex in its own laboratories according to its own criteria, which exceed watchmaking norms and standards. These tests are carried out on the fully assembled watch, in order to guarantee its superlative performance on the wrist. The precision of every movement (officially certified as a chronometer by COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) is, therefore, tested a second time by Rolex after being cased, to ensure that it meets criteria for precision that are far more exacting than those for an official chronometer. The tolerance for the average rate of a Rolex Superlative Chronometer after casing is of the order of -2/+2 seconds per day. Its precision is tested by Rolex using an exclusive methodology that simulates the conditions in which a watch is actually worn and is much more representative of real-life experience. The certification testing is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment specially developed by Rolex. The entirely automated series of tests also checks the waterproofness, the self- winding capacity and the power reserve of 100 per cent of Rolex watches. These tests systematically complement the qualification testing upstream during development and production that ensures the watches’ reliability, robustness, and resistance to magnetism and shocks.

The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is equipped with a revolutionary annual calendar offering unparalleled robustness and reliability for such a complex watchmaking function. This calendar’s qualities are attributable to an ingenious mechanism named Saros, patented by Rolex. Its original design was inspired by the astronomical phenomenon of the same name. The Greek term Saros has been used since antiquity to designate an approximately 18-year cycle of alignment patterns between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, at the end of which they are at the same position in relation to one another and in the same area of the sky. The annual calendar automatically differentiates between 30-day and 31-day months. It displays the correct date throughout the year and requires only one adjustment a year, on 1st March, February having only 28 or 29 days. The intelligent Saros mechanism is based on only two gear ratios and four gear wheels added to the traditional Rolex instantaneous date calendar. This extreme simplicity ensures the great reliability of the system. The months of the year are indicated in 12 discreet apertures around the circumference of the dial, outside the hour markers: January at 1 o’clock, February at 2 o’clock, and so on. The current month is identified in a contrasting colour.

The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is equipped with a rotatable Ring Command bezel that allows the wearer to easily select the watch’s different functions via an innovative, patented interface between the movement and case. The Ring Command bezel can be turned to any one of three positions to select the function to be set: date, local time or reference time. The selected function can then be rapidly adjusted in either direction, forwards or backwards, using the winding crown, which has only one setting position. Unlike traditional mechanisms, this interface developed by Rolex allows unrestricted setting. This simple and intuitive interface is based on a complex mechanical module which consists of no fewer than 60 components and demands state-of-the-art watchmaking and micromechanical expertise. At the heart of the mechanism are a double cam and levers that engage various gear trains inside the movement according to the function selected. One of these cams is activated by pulling out the winding crown, the other is driven by rotating the bezel to activate setting wheels located in the middle case of the watch.

The Sky-Dweller is available with an Oyster bracelet or an alligator leather strap, and is equipped with a folding Oysterclasp designed by Rolex. The Oyster bracelets feature the Easylink rapid extension link, another Rolex exclusivity. This ingenious system allows the wearer to increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm, providing additional comfort in every situation.

Retail Price: $39,550 USD. For more info on Rolex, Click Here.




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