MCT Sequential Two S200 Eagle

In close collaboration with the Russian retailer Rich Time of Moscow, MCT Watches presents the Sequential Two – S200 Eagle, a 10-piece limited edition featuring a two-headed eagle and the Russian flag.

Proudly ensconced at the centre of the model, the double-headed eagle captures the gaze with its refined execution and its rotating movement accompanying each change of hour. Moving in step with the central hours disc, it is crafted from the finest aluminium in order ensure the lightness and balance that are essential to maintaining the extremely high precision of the sequential display that is the signature of MCT watches.

The other unique feature of the Sequential Two – S200 Eagle is the Russian flag that appears for a full hour twice a day, at noon and midnight. The three-coloured flag is harmoniously integrated within the mysterious dance of the brand’s iconic prisms. This exclusive timepiece endowed with all the technical characteristics of an S200 was entirely developed and crafted in the MCT watchmaking workshops.

This limited edition of seven watches in white gold and three in black DLC-treated gold is available exclusively from Rich Time in Moscow.


DISPLAY: The S200 Eagle showcases the famous prism-based hours indication that has forged the reputation of MCT, as well as the 360-degree minutes display. The hours modules serve to present highly legible oversized numerals. The current hour appears through the open ‘window’ in the C-shaped central hours disc that also conceals the non-relevant hours modules. The current hour is successively displayed in a counterclockwise direction.

MOVEMENT: The self-winding movement of the Sequential Two Eagle was developed in-house by MCT, thus enabling this movement to meet highly specific expectations in terms of design, performance, finishing and quality. These watches vividly reflect the brand’s interest in historical culture, along with its respect for Haute Horlogerie traditions.


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