Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas Révolution

Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas Révolution Limited Edition

The Manufacture Royale 1770 Micromegas Révolution is an invitation to travel into a spectacular mechanical world regulated by two flying tourbillons running at different rotation speeds. True to the brand philosophy of offering rare, creative and authentic luxury, this watchmaking feat is now available in three highly exclusive editions of three watches, playing with contrasting materials and colours. These three different personalities will appeal to knowledgeable watch lovers who are confident of their choices.

The Manufacture Royale 17701770 Micromegas Révolution proposes innovative and spectacular watch kinetics. Although a few rare multiple tourbillon watches do exist, it is the first to combine two cages with different rotation speeds. One completes an exceptionally rapid rotation in just 6 seconds whereas the other opts for the traditional minute. A torque stabiliser averages out the two for enhanced precision.

This hypnotic ballet is completed by the oscillations of a micro-rotor. The hours are indicated on an off-centred dial, like a regulator, whereas the minutes are indicated by a skeleton wheel on the 1770 Micromegas Révolution.

The sculptural 45mm case remains true to the style of the1770 Micromegas Révolution collection. Two sidebars, held by hexagonal screws, surround the middle case, forming elegant, slender horns. Its strong features are highlighted by a fluted bezel. The sapphire crystal caseback is closed by four screws and reveals the splendid hand finishing of the MR08 calibre.

The 1770 Micromegas Révolution is now available in three exclusive limited editions of only three pieces, a rare luxury, where each version expresses a different and assertive personality.

The first two elegant and original editions are available with a titanium case and intense purple décor with black dial or silvered blue dial. The third, in pink gold with khaki décor and silvered dial, plays with warmer tones.

Each finish has been meticulously chosen and developed to optimise its depth and radiance. The bridges and mainplate of the1770 Micromegas Révolution are covered in a fine transparent metal oxide layer (CVD treatment) to obtain an even shade while maintaining the material’s texture. The contrasting colours and materials are striking, bringing out the architectural and kinetic character of the movement.

The individual number of each watch is visible on a cartridge inserted in the mainplate at 6 o’clock. The 1770 Micromegas Révolution watch is worn on a matching coloured alligator strap with off-white hand-stitching.

Retail Price: 142,000 CHF for the Titanium versions, and, 164,000 CHF for the Gold version. For more info. on Manufacture Royale, Click Here.