Krayon Everywhere

A timepiece of this magnitude only comes along once in a while. There are watches, then there are watches. This is, of course, the latter. The Krayon Everywhere is the very first watch with the unprecedented capacity to mechanically calculate the sunrise and sunset times, everywhere. This is a mechanically programmable astronomical bit of tech that even Tony Stark himself would be amazed by. There is no digital adjustment, no computerized micro-chip adjusting and calculating. No, this is purely mechanical. Raw and automated.

The Krayon Everywhere really is an ode to what the independent watchmakers of the 21st century are capable of. They can produce, without the bottomless pit of funding that major watchmaking R&D departments seem to have access to, absolutely incredible pieces of haute horlogerie that capture the hearts and the minds of the horological community, alike. This is a highly complex, highly involved timepiece that not only has the insane ability to give you the sunset and sunrise times of anywhere in the world (this is done by inputting your latitude and longitude, as well as the date), but also the duration of the daytime and nighttime hours, again anywhere in the world.

A watch like this must be pretty large, you may be asking yourself. And to be quite honest with you, I was expecting this to be huge. But at 42mm in diameter and an incredible 11.7mm in height, the Krayon Everywhere is neither big nor bad. It’s one thing for a manufacturer to haphazardly create a super complicated movement and merely “wrap it” in a case, normally meaning that the harmonious relationship between movement and case is disregarded, instead with the sole purpose now of casing a behemoth. No, instead Krayon have opted to be very thoughtful in their approach, and rather than getting all excited to show off a very impressive mechanism, they’ve actually created a congruent relationship between the internals and externals.

The Krayon Everywhere is quite wearable, both from a comfort perspective as well as a functional one. The daily task of “telling the time” is easy, with the passing hours and minutes indicated clearly on the dial. You’ve also got a basic calendar function, depicting the date and month. But then things get really interesting. So outside of this watch’s ability to front as a daily wearer, with respect to its useable time and date indicators, the Krayon Everywhere actively calculates and thus displays the sunrise and sunset times, based, of course, on you entering your specific latitude and longitude. The Krayon Everywhere will also, like I mentioned, display the duration of your day and night times.

As complex as this all sounds, the Krayon Everywhere is made to be used. And thanks to some clever engineering, the Everywhere is incredibly simple to operate. The pusher on the left side of the case lets you select either the date, the latitude, the longitude of the UTC. The crown can either wind the movement (which is also powered by a micro-rotor), can set the time, or set a parameter on the function dial.

The movement is made up of 595-componenets, 85 of which are balancing jewels. There are 4-differentials, 65-toothed wheels, it sits at a diameter of 35.40mm and a height of only 6.5mm, has a power reserve of 72-hours and features at 22k gold micro-rotor, as well as the ability to be manually wound at the crown. The movement finishing is impeccable, highly contemporary and with an air of absurdity. I cannot fathom just how minute some of the Krayon Everywhere’s components are to fit snugly in such a small space. This is some serious watchmaking.

The Krayon Everywhere is a truly wondrous timepiece, and it’s one that deserves its plaudits. With thanks to its highly complex nature, we can expect Krayon to only produce a handful of these per year, with the cost starting at about 600,000 CHF. I say starting, because at this level of watchmaking, customisation is typically available, which almost always leads to a cost well above its listed price. The Krayon Everywhere is a phenomenal timepiece that really is in a league of its own. For more info. on Krayon Everywhere, Click Here.