HYT H2 Colorblock Orange, A Limited Edition Of 5 Pieces.

When we talk about contemporary haute horlogerie, a lot of the time we are talking about watchmakers creating timepieces that have been, in a way, reinvented. Pieces utilising complications shown off in a different manner. An angled tourbillon, a digital display of the passing hours and minutes powered by a mechanical calibre. More often than not we are used to seeing the same old, even in the newer companies founded in the latter part of the 20th century. But, there is one watchmaking company that continuously produces timepieces that are, simply put, out of this world. The manufacturer? HYT Watches. The product? Virtually anything they produce. But in this case, we’re talking about the H2 Colorblock Orange, one of the most incredible timepieces I’ve ever come across.

This is not a small watch, and from whichever angle you look at it, its over-sized proportions will ensure you attention is grabbed. At 48.8mm across and a deep 17.9mm in height, the H2 Colorblock Orange is big (and that’s me putting it lightly). However, big doesn’t always mean heavy, and in the instance of the H2 Colorblock Orange, it’s lightness can be attributed wholly to its titanium black DLC case. While the dials of the HYT timepieces are the highlight, the cases have not been disregarded. The H2 Colorblock case has been tended to meticulously by the artisans at HYT, and it features a variety of finishes like high-grade polishing, micro-blasting and satin finishing. 

The dial is where a lot of your attention will be diverted to, and for good reason. The H2 Colorblock Orange is one of HYT’s most incredible looking timepieces, and it’s definitely one that I admire the most. The dial displays one of the most beautiful combinations of true high-end horology and the brilliant theatrics of fluid mechanics. HYT call it hybridization, and I can think of no better term to coin this dramatic display. The dial displays a black retrograde fluidic hour indicator, a minute display with a jumping hand that crosses the dial at 6 o’clock, a thermal indicator and of course elaborate finishing throughout the exclusive HYT calibre. The touches of orange throughout further reinforce the idea that this watch has been made to excite, and I can definitely appreciate the thought process of using such a “popping” colour palette to elevate this watch’s aesthetic to new heights. This is a magical show of time being portrayed in such an elemental manner. I’ve yet to come across a time-displaying technique that carries with it more intensity. 

Powering the HYT H2 Colorblock Orange is a manually wound HYT calibre, featuring titanium bridges finished in micro-blasted black PVD and titanium black DLC satin-finished accents. The movement is rated for an incredible 8-days’ worth of constant power and beats at a relatively typical 3Hz. The beauty of having an inverted (or skeletonised) timepiece is that the movement is almost fully on show. You’re able to see the inner workings of the operating calibre, and in the case of the H2 Colorblock Orange, this is an extremely important part of the holistic experience of purchasing and actively wearing the piece. You want to see the watch in its entirety, always. Without obscurity and without restriction. This is a movement that needs to be seen to be appreciated, and appreciate it I shall!

The HYT H2 Colorblock Orange is available on an orange reinforced fabric strap coupled with a titanium black DLC deployment buckle. It’s limited to only 5-pieces worldwide, so if you’re lucky enough to come across one of these micro-wonders on one of your horological ventures, then I’d implore you to get your hands on it and never let it go. The appeal of the HYT H2 Colorblock Orange is purely for the fact that it just looks and feels like nothing else available today. It’s the perfect combination of theatrics and of mechanical mastery. Simply put, this is just a super cool watch. And sometimes, that’s all a watch really needs to be. 

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