Hands-on: Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black

Modernity doesn’t disregard the traditions with the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black.

Modern, sleek and oh-so cool, the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black is both captivating and intriguing. The appeal of the All Black is that its modernity doesn’t disregard the traditions of haute horlogerie. There is a significant amount of youthful exuberance in the All Black, but not enough so as to deter a purist from paying it serious consideration. The Hublot Classic Fusion All Black is like a delicate spanner thrown into the works, enticing and attracting an audience used to the more conservative side of things.

Hublot Classic Fusion front

This polished and satin-finished black ceramic case is a thing of beauty. It’s wonderfully well put together and thought out. The level of finishing adorning the case is outstanding, and the differentiation between the shine of the case body and the vertical brushing on the bezel and integrated lugs gives an aesthetic contrast that is greatly appreciated. The bezel itself in the Hublot Classic Fusion has also been given the same treatment as the case, as well as the iconic H-shaped bezel screws sitting nice and firm.

Hublot Classic Fusion face

Hublot Classic Fusion view

The skeletonised dial in the Hublot Classic Fusion is a work of art. And I’m not saying that lightly either. It takes a lot of finesse, of workmanship and of patience to create an openworked dial that marries the worlds of beauty and legibility in such a clean manner.

Seriously difficult stuff. You can thank the anti-reflective sapphire crystal for the ability to see almost everything. The dial, actually made of sapphire, reminds me of a dark and ominous spider web that, in a way, makes you slightly hesitant to continue your attraction to the Tourbillon Skeleton All Black. Everything has been finished impeccably.

And the vertically brushed pattern of the bezel is carried through the various bridges (or should I call them webs?..), creating a sense of uniformity.

Hublot Classic Fusion watch

Hublot Classic Fusion photo

Last but certainly not least, the movement. Hublot have integrated the HUB6310 manually wound calibre. Manufactured in-house, this the movement is fully visible through the open sapphire caseback.

The attention to detail paid to the dial is certainly carried through to the caseback. The big tourbillon sitting at 6 o’clock is wonderfully well finishing, with the cage suspended between two skeletonised bridges, ensuring minimal viewing obstructions.

Fully wound, the HUB6310 calibre will provide the All Black with an astonishing 115-hour’s worth of power reserve.

Hublot Classic Fusion back view

Hublot Classic Fusion hublot

Hublot Classic Fusion zoom

All in all, the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black is a highly impressive, highly technical, super appealing timepiece from a brand that seems to have the odds stacked against them.

The limited edition of 99 pieces is a cold, unforgiving timepiece that demands respect, but highlights the ingenuity, quality and appeal that Hublot have within their manufacture.

This is by far one of the most impressive pieces from Hublot I’ve ever come across, and to be quite frank with you were I in a position to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a timepiece that can front as a daily wearer and a critic-approved timepiece, then the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black would definitely be on my list of serious considerations.

Give it a chance. I have no doubt you’ll be impressed.

Retail Price: $132,000 Usd. For more info. on Hublot, Click here.


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Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton All Black
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