Gorilla Fastback Drift

Following the success of their Fastback collection, Gorilla have released a new timepiece that still very much carries the same brash characteristics of the original Fastback that we all know and love. Except this time, we have a very unique display of the passing time with thanks to the use of a Swiss-made Vaucher-powered mechanism. Before we get into the piece, I think it’s important to understand who and what Gorilla actually is.

Gorilla was founded in 2016 by two top guns from Audemars Piguet. Octavio Garcia was Audemars Piguet’s design chief, and Lukas Gopp was one of their senior designers. Between the two, there is a combined 30-years of watchmaking experience within one of horology’s most well-known ateliers. Gorilla is based in Cressier, a municipality of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. There are obvious design cues inspired by Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak lines, but the Gorilla Fastback is, in its own right, a very unique piece. The Fastback Drift is an attempt by Gorilla to recreate an already very successful timepiece to appeal to those looking for something more from a watch that already delivers in droves.

The Fastback Drift’s square 44mm wide, 44mm long case is made of titanium, ceramic and carbon. It’s a wonderful mix of some very modern materials, and the eye-catching striping around the bottom of the case compliments the transition between dark and light greys, to red, all the way to a polished light grey look on the top part of the case. The triangular crown is protected by two crown guards, both featuring the same striped pattern as the bottom of the case.

The dial features the Fastback Drift’s complex nature. On it is a wandering hours display, showing the passing time on three revolving discs. This is a complication that is centuries old, dating back to 17th century clocks, interestingly enough. The dial layout is highly legible, with complete distinction between the displays. There are multiple textural types on the dial which are subtle enough to go unnoticed, but once you can see it will provide a lovely “wow” effect. That’s one thing I love about the Fastback Drift, its ability to continue to surprise.

The Fastback Drift is powered by a base ETA 2824 automatic calibre which has been modified by Vaucher. Through that modification process, Vaucher have added a wandering hours display module, again keeping this very interesting and providing great differentiation between Gorilla’s two collections.

Gorilla’s Fastback Drift is a wonderful addition to a line of watches that already have mass appeal. It’s a bold watch that blends the world of casual wear with high-end complication watchmaking in a package that is so functional. It will be available for pre-order from August, with deliveries expected to start in November of this year. The Gorilla Fastback Drift is made in a limited run of 250-pieces and costs 2,750CHF (not including taxes). For more info. on Gorilla watches, Click Here.