Introducing The Arpal One, A Collaboration From Laurent Ferrier and URWERK For Only Watch 2017.

This remarkable watch also offers a unique opportunity to witness two independent brands working together to produce a watch for the Only Watch 2017. Laurent Ferrier has forged an enviable reputation as master of the definitive watch in the classic style. URWERK, on the other hand, has spent the last 20 years challenging the watchmaking […]

Baselworld 2017: Urwerk UR-210 Amadeus

For this retro-futuristic move, the UR-210 was transformed by the expert hands of the talented craftsman, Florian Güllert. Baroque is an apt description of this new creation. “The decoration is very post-Renaissance 17th-century, but on a determinedly contemporary structure,” comments Florian. “The swirling pattern of acanthus leaves is most suitable for this style, contrasting with the angular look of […]

SIHH 2017: Urwerk UR-T8.

Urwerk celebrated its 20th birthday in style. No fireworks, candles nor even congratulations but instead another opportunity to step out of the ordinary, to swim against the current and to amaze. This is the UR-T8. It’s not only a new timepiece but an URWERK that could again transform our concept of the wristwatch. The UR-T8, which […]

Urwerk UR-105 TA Raging Gold

Martin Frei, URWERK’s co-founder and designer is a self-confessed victim of the lure of gold: “There’s always this little inner voice that reminds me how much I love this metal. Beyond the march of technology, changes in fashion, new functions, new materials; gold is always gold. It’s forever. It’s the metal that lights me up.” […]

Urwerk TimeHunter X-Ray

The unorthodox EMC TimeHunter is a watch in the subversive URWERK tradition. This unique concept combines a precision mechanical movement with an electronic module that monitors its rate. Simply by pressing a button you discover whether your watch is running fast or slow and the amplitude of its balance. Furthermore, you can adjust it accordingly […]

Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex, A Limited Edition To 22 Pieces. (Live Pics)

The UR-105 T-Rex is a measuring instrument that has made its way through time and space. It reproduces on the wrist the most symbolic, universal and beautiful manifestation of the passing hours: the path of the sun from its rising to its setting. On the UR-105 T-Rex, a single hours pointer thus travels from east […]