Presenting the new MB&F Machine, The Astrograph

The Maison Caran d’Ache and the horological laboratory, MB&F, have combined their expertise for a unique creative odyssey: the MB&F Machine Astrograph writing instrument. Projecting his dreams of conquering space onto a writing instrument was the original idea of the founder of MB&F, Maximilian Büsser. The creative and technical forces within Caran d’Ache enthusiastically embraced this […]

MB&F Horological Machine (HM8)

Over the last decade, two indelible forms have often marked MB&F’s Horological Machines: the distinctive angular form and optical prism displays of the revisited 1970s Amida watch, which first manifested in HM5 and then HMX, and the now signature “battle-axe” winding rotor, which took centre stage on top of HM3, MB&F’s most popular model to […]

MB&F Table Clock. Balthazar, The Duality Of Man And Machine.

Balthazar is a sophisticated and imposing high-precision robot clock displaying jumping hours, retrograde seconds and a 35-day power reserve. Weighing in at over eight kilograms (18 pounds) and standing nearly 40 centimetres tall (16 inches), Balthazar is composed of 618 beautifully finished, micro-engineered components. But beware, there is also a dark side to Balthazar, as there […]

MB&F Horological Machine 6 SV (Live Pics)

Horological Machine N°6 SV (SV for “Sapphire Vision”) adds an extra three-dimensional layer to the biomorphic beauty of the HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ by revealing the mechanical marvels of the unique Engine within. The complex curves of two transparent sapphire crystal plates sandwich a precious metal “streamliner” case band, creating two horological amphitheatres dedicated to the […]

Introducing the MB&F Legacy Machine 1 Silberstein

Engraved in French on the case band between the lugs of LM1 Silberstein is a paraphrased quote from Gustave Flaubert: “Le vrai bonheur est d’avoir sa passion pour métier” – which translates roughly as, “Making a profession of your passion is true happiness”. The phrase carries special meaning for both French watch designer Alain Silberstein, […]

Baselworld 2016: MB&F HMX in Collaboration With James Thompson “Performance Art Series”

Creativity comes from a multitude of sources, but for Black Badger founder James Thompson the fount of his creativity was rage, a rebellious fire was lit when he felt brushed aside as a student by what he perceived as an unfair administrative decision. Like MB&F, James is an outsider doing his utmost to buck the […]