Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Dual Time

A masterpiece of perfect symmetry, the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Dual Time features two separate time displays, each driven by its own barrel and gear train with its own escapement and balance, now entirely visible thanks to its openworked execution. With a new skeletonized execution, the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton Dual Time showcases […]

Baselworld 2017: Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36

Symmetry and skeletonization are two traits that should come to mind whenever Arnold & Son is mentioned, and the Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 is certainly no exception.   Following the classical codes of traditional English chronometer movements, the main pivoting elements such as the wheels, barrels, the tourbillon, and others are each mounted on their […]

Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon

Arnold & Son pushes precision chronometry ever further with the Constant Force Tourbillon, featuring a patented constant force device with 60-second tourbillon and true beat seconds. The symmetrical movement architecture of the Constant Force Tourbillon movement pays tribute to Arnold & Sons’ historic marine chronometers. At the top, two visible mainspring barrels and the constant […]

Arnold & Son TB88 Gun Metal, Limited to Only 5 Pieces.

With timepieces that reference its English watchmaking heritage, Arnold & Son unveils a limited version of its famous TB88 which pays tribute to the old English gunsmith tradition. England has not only offered the world some of the best watchmakers ever but is also the cradle of the finest gunsmith craftsmanship. Conceived, designed and manufactured […]

Arnold & Son Nebula (Live Pics)

It has long been a proven fact that when we consider a person’s face “beautiful” we are actually noticing facial symmetry because the human brain finds beauty in symmetry. And it’s not just the visually balanced faces of people that we find attractive, but symmetrical faces in general, including those of timepieces. This goes a […]