Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance with Grand Feu Enamel Dial

The Mirrored Force Resonance from Armin Strom is easily one of our most favourite contemporary pieces. It has the perfect combination of dramatism, mechanical intrigue and astonishingly good looks. The Mirrored Force Resonance was very well received by the watch community, and Armin Strom have delved further into recreating this timepiece, this time by offering it with a unique white enamel dial set within rose gold case. The result? A very histrionic look that combines subtlety with complexities to great effect.

The enamel dialed Mirrored Force Resonance sits within a 43mm wide, 13mm thick 18k rose gold case. The beautiful warmth of that case is offset by the cool, monochromatic nature of that white Grand Feu enamel dial sitting on the right side of the watch. The clear differentiation between the colour palettes results in beautiful contrast, and it’s one that works favourable for the Mirrored Force Resonance. The thermally blued lancine-shaped hour and minutes hands are the perfect accompaniment to a very sophisticated look. And the outer minute track encompassing that Grand Feu enamel dial pays tribute to the necessary accuracy of precision timekeeping.

To the left of the dial is where a lot of the magic happens, so to speak. This isn’t saying that the traditional artisanal craftsmanship on display with the Grand Feu enamel dial is anything lesser than the mechanics, but whichever version of the Mirrored Force Resonance you purchase, you’re going to be doing so primarily for its movement, no less. 

You have two regulators visible on the dial, both oscillating in resonance. This complex endeavour is achieved by having the terminal curves of the two balance springs in contact through a complex shape that Armin Strom have aptly named the resonance clutch spring. The theory behind its integration is that by having two regulators beating in resonance, you are able to create a more precise assembly that is less affected by external factors like shock and position. 

The movement powering the Mirrored Force Resonance is the Armin Strom calibre ARF16, a hand-wound mechanism. This is an in-house mechanism that features two independent but symmetrically mirrored regulators, 206-components, 38 balancing jewels and a 48-hour power reserve. The finishing throughout is impeccable, and while some may argue that the detailing could somewhat be seen as lackluster, I admire the restraint exercised throughout the calibre.

The Mirrored Force Resonance with Grand Feu enamel dial is but an extension of a collection of timepieces that are completely and utterly above and beyond what we would ever expect a manufacturer like Armin Strom to be able to produce. It’s a testament to the will, the tenacity and the gusto of Armin Strom to produce such an exceptional, true high-end high-complication timepiece. The Mirrored Force Resonance with Grand Feu Enamel Dial is available now with a retail cost of 71,000CHF. 

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