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Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator: The Ultimate Way to Create Something No One Else Owns

Luxury is not just about price anymore, luxury is about exclusivity, the exclusivity that comes with owning something rare and special that no one else has. And luxury is as personal as each individual collector. With that in mind, Armin Strom now provides the opportunity for clients to create their own exclusive, luxurious wristwatches: the new Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator is an inspirational, effortless, time-saving system that is simple to use even as it opens new perspectives in personalization.

Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator
Gravity Date customized on the new Armin Strom watch configurator.

Armin Strom is one of the few watch manufacturers able to offer such a unique service as it is one of the very few with the ability to create a full watch movement under one roof, therefore possessing the agility to act and react quickly. Using the Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator, the client begins by choosing the desired movement, whether it contains a tourbillon, a five-day power reserve, or any other functionality in Armin Strom’s arsenal. Collectors can choose colors, engraving, and even skeletonization of the movement and/or certain components, the latter naturally being one of Armin Strom’s historical specialties. Using this virtual reality version of Armin Strom’s workshop, a fantastic, collectible dream timepiece quickly becomes a tangible reality.

Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator
Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator

From the comfort of one’s own home, this specially conceived online system additionally allows the user to choose the case material, the style and color of the dial and hands, the clasp, and details right down to the color of the stitching on the chosen strap. All composition options are visible at a glance and so is the price as changes are configured: the Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator calculates as you go. And even more remarkable than that is the fact that watches purchased through the Watch Configurator system are no more expensive than serial models made by Armin Strom.

Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator

Today it is more important than ever for a watch manufacture to be as customer-friendly as possible, and Armin Strom’s Watch Configurator is the ultimate way for collectors to create their own watches rather than have to select from a limited choice. Once ordered, the client’s unique Armin Strom timepiece can be picked up at any nearby authorized Armin Strom retailer or even at the Armin Strom factory in Switzerland, and a tour of the factory is included in the price.

Manual customized in the Armin Strom watch configurator.
One Week customized in the Armin Strom watch configurator.
Manual customized in the Armin Strom watch configurator.

While the online Armin Strom Innovative Watch Configurator system offers new perspectives for the customer, it does not replace or take away from the experienced retail partner, who remains in place to offer advice and assistance if needed. Additionally, the Watch Configurator simultaneously reveals a new way for the traditional watch retailer to sell timepieces. It is a comfortable tool that both consumer and retail professional can use with no prior computing knowledge.

“My technical team and I are proud to have been able to develop an innovative system like the Watch Configurator based on the exceptional depth of manufacturing that Armin Strom possesses. This is a new way to go with the times that excitingly enables the collector’s deepest wishes for a unique timepiece to be fulfilled with a true haute horlogerie timepiece,” says Claude Greisler, director of Armin Strom.

“I’m very happy to be able to integrate our retail partners in such a groundbreaking project as this, one that offers truly new perspectives in the luxury world. It emphasizes the fact that we are all partners,” remarks Serge Michel, owner of Armin Strom.

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